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Octal Number

Octal numbers use digits from 0-7 only. It is known as base-8 number. The place value of each digits of an octal number varies as the whole number powers of 8 starting from the right (Least Significant Digit). The first single digit number in octal system is 0 and the last is 7. Similarly, the first two digit octal number is 10 and the last is 77 and so on. Octal number system was widely used in early computers.

Binary number

Binary numbering system uses only two symbols 0 and 1. Each digits of a binary number is referred to as bits. Binary system is also known as base -2 system. Each digit is represented by the increasing power of 2 from the LSB (Least Significant Bit). Binary system is the heart of digital electronics and is used for information flow. In digital electronics, 0 and 1 are used to denote logic states, high and low. Arithmetic operations are also possible in binary system.

Example for Octal to binary conversion

Example-1: Convert 6548 to binary

From the below conversion table:

Octal number654
Binary number110101100

Hence, 6548 in its binary form is equivalent to 1101011008

Example-2: Convert 2738 to binary

From the below conversion table:

Octal number273
Binary number010111011

Hence, 2738 in its binary form is equivalent to 101110118

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Octal to Binary conversion table

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